In order to allow students to focus on learning and to create a sense of community, Green Tech High has adopted a MANDATORY student dress code.  It has evolved after significant review of the student dress codes of the highest performing charter high schools across the country.


Clothing worn by students at Green Tech High should emphasize the fact that the school is both a community and a place of work.  Students should dress in a way that expresses their membership in the community and that meets the standards of a workplace.  The attire should be neat and tidy and should conform to Green Tech High’s uniform policy at all times.  Please refer to the Student Handbook for complete Green Tech High Dress Code Policy information.


Student uniforms are purchased at B. Lodges located  at 75 N.Pearl Street, Albany, NY. and Faith Creative Names located at 257 Central Ave. Albany, NY. Uniforms can only be purchased after a student is accepted and enrolled into Green Tech High. All students are required to wear black or khaki slacks. Cargo pants, jeans or other styles are NOT permitted. Students may wear any sneakers they so wish but BOOTS ARE NOT PERMITTED! The dress code is strongly enforced and offenses will be followed up by disciplinary actions. Students wear different color polo shirts according to their prospective grade:

  • Sixth Grade: Yellow Polo with Green Tech Logo, Oxford Button Down

  • Freshman: Black Polo with Green Tech Logo, Oxford Button Down

  • Sophomore: Green Polo with Green Tech Logo, Oxford Button Down

  • Junior: Gray Polo with Green Tech Logo,Oxford Button Down

  • Senior: Blue or White Polo, Oxford Button Down